IntelliJ and AndroidStudio - connect to respository

Via Git and Turtoise I updated the local and remote GIT repositories. I would like to start using Android Studio and IntelliJ to interact with the repositories. I keep on getting 401 errors.

I tried: File > Settings > Version Control. Then I configured the local settings with success.

Then I tried to connect to via the following screen:

After entering the username and password the [TEST] button gives the following error:

I cannot get it working.
I also tried the e-mail adderess as username, but no change. I am working on Windows10 with the OpenSSH key stored in the c:\users\MyUser.ssh* files. I guess I don’t have to do an extra step to use these files.

I recently switched from puttygen keys back to these normal keys. Git and Turtoise are working fine.

Answer is:

  • put in %USERPROFILE% the .ssh keys