Internal API unreachable - Initial push failing

I’ve recently installed GitLab through the omni package onto my DigitalOcean server, everything appeared to be working fine, I was able to go to the URL, log in, add users, create new repositories, etc, etc. But when I went to push files to the newly created repository, I got this error:

GitLab: Failed to authorize your Git request: internal API unreachable

Account authentication is working, since if I put in another account it tells me authentication failed, however, when I try to pull or push from or to the repository, it doesn’t work.

Any ideas what I should check next to troubleshoot this?

Found out I had simply misspelled the internal_api_url, problem solved.

Where did you update this internal_api_url?

I am facing the same issue.

It’s likely you’re facing a different issue, but the one I updated was at the very top of the main config file for gitlab, /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

Thanks for your reply, the URL is set correctly, but still I am facing Internal API Unreachable.

But after multiple tries it works properly, this problem repeats on every operation.