Introduction: @antenore

Antenore’s Intro

:man_technologist: Antenore (He/Him), @antenore (forum/GitLab handle), @agatta on Twitter, antenore on LinkedIn

:switzerland: Vaud, Switzerland

:fireworks: I’m one of the two Remmina project maintainer, a :penguin: Linux client application used to control remote servers either graphically (RDP, VNC, SPICE) or through a terminal (SSH). Remmina is used by many thousands lovely persons.

:sun_with_face: :first_quarter_moon_with_face: I’m a DevOps by the day @IBM) and an hacker (as in culture, not in insecurity) by the night …

:partying_face: In my free time I enjoy my little family (6 members) as much as I can, reading and studying whatever comes to my attention, listening to all music that have ever been written in the human history and sometimes I sleep as I’ve been told that I should.

:revolving_hearts: I want to thanks the Gitlab team for their ‘Gitlab for Open Source Program’. I know how much it costs to maintain a great service like and the risks that may cause on a business perspective. Really… You are amazing. THANK YOU! :fireworks:


Welcome to the forum @antenore ! Glad to hears you’re excited about the GitLab for Open Source program, too! :slight_smile: