Introduction: @rpadovani

:woman_technologist: I’m Riccardo Padovani (he/him), you can find me under @rpadovani here and on Gitlab. I am active on Twitter (@rpadovani93) and I have website where I post a couple of times a year (

:earth_americas: Born and raised in Italy (:it:), moved to Munich, Germany (:de:) when I was 23, but if you ask where I am from I’ll answer Europe (:eu: :blue_heart:)

:sparkles: I work as Solutions Architect for a small company called Nextbit: we do a lot of data science, and my task is keeping it running. I like to say I am an assistant to a wizard: my colleagues do black magic math, I keep the spectacle running :wink:

:computer: I started using Gitlab back in '14 with my first job: since then I always had jobs using Gitlab (private or .com), so sometimes I contribute for features I need, or have fun finding security issues and reporting them on HackerOne. I host also all my FOSS projects over .com

:partying_face: I used to travel a lot, hoping it will be possible again soon! Meanwhile, I’m studying German, I cook with my SO, I go out with friends and enjoy local beers :slight_smile: Oh, and Formula 1! :racing_car:

:books: I think the two best places to learn something about a software are the manuals and the source code - I often fix small issues in FOSS projects since I am reading the code to understand them better, and I find small improvements

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