Is it possible to Add the CI/CD variables to the UI of Pipeline trigger? (as exists in Jenkins for 10 years)

Jenkins has option for a build to come with parameters, the pipeline run feature of GitLab is give all variables described in .gitlab-ci.yml to scripts, however, they are not shown on the pipeline run page.

When I set 2 variables on the Settings > CI/CD as shown in the image:

I expect that i will be able to see these Variables when i want to trigger a build.

Unfortunately it is not working like that and maybe even this feature is not available even that in Jenkins there is such an option for 10 years.

Please tell me how to make it work.

I see that there are Issues about it such issue #48974 but not sure if this is already implemented and if it is in what version…

Doron Shai

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in 13.4 it is available, see screenshot

is it also for just a simple trigger pipeline?

I do not really see a use case for a single trigger but I would use the custom entry?

We need to trigger manual deployment with the pipeline trigger and i want to have 5 parameters for that…