View pipeline parameters in the pipeline info / description

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When you run a pipeline from the GitLab UI, you pass parameters (variables) to the run:

These vars have precedence over the project/other vars, so it would be nice to have a chance to check what is the value of the particular variable - most likely show it in the pipeline’s info or/and pipline description:

It might be that I missed this feature in the docs, but I wasn’t lucky to find it.
Could you please confirm that is possible (or not) and make a hint how to achieve it?

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AFAIK there is no visual widget to display CI/CD variables in a job pipeline view. It’s an interesting idea, I’ve searched the issue tracker and found this epic Expose variables in GitLab UI (&6262) · Epics · · GitLab linking this feature proposal: Suggest commenting with this forum topic URL and upvoting.

One way to display/debug variables at the moment is to add an echo $VARIABLENAME into the script section of your jobs, and inspect the job logs upon run in the Jobs (4) tab below. Masked variables are not printed for security reasons.


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Thank you, @dnsmichi, for sharing these details.
yep, echoing vars - is the way I’m dealing with this task now.