Is it possible to create a new gitlab.rb file based on current config?

I have inherited a gitlab install from someone who is no longer around and I need to tweak some settings. When I open /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb there are some settings I can see right off the bat do not match reality which suggests that someone at some point edited it and didn’t run reconfigure. My concern is that there may be changes to the file beyond what is obvious to me that when I run reconfigure could break the instance.

What I need/would like to do is generate a new gitlab.rb that matches the settings as they actually are now so that I can tweak what I need and run reconfigure without worry.

Is that possible?

Bumping up the topic. I’m also interested in understand how it could be possible to re-create programmatically from scratch a gitlab installation along its current configuration. So, given a configuration change done manually via the web UI, how is it possible to capture on a config file?