Is it possible to create a windows docker image (local) identical to the shared windows runner?

I have been able to use shared windows runners to perform some CI/CD jobs/pipelines on some test projects. I was looking at / CI-CD / shared-runners / images / gcp / windows-containers · GitLab and trying to see if there is a way to create a local docker container that would be essentially the same as a shared windows runner (with all of the chocolatey packages installed, visual studio build tools, etc.). I am running Windows 10 and using Docker desktop. I thought there might be a dockerfile that could build up the VM from a windows docker image, etc. However the only dockerfile-like file that I found doesn’t seem to do that. I am new to both gitlab and CI/CD, but I am wondering if this is possible.

I know it would be possible in theory to start with a Base docker image of Windows, and then install the vistual studio build tools, the chocolatey packages etc. and make my own image. But I am looking to save some time by leveraging the process used for the shared windows runners.

Any ideas or guidance ? @steveazz do you have any thoughts on this ?

If you can find the code, or if there’s an existing image, you should be able to use that. For an existing image, you can use FROM in a new Dockerfile and then change it as you see fit.