Is the junit reporting supposed to fail a pipeline?

We have a tool which runs our tests and emits some junit xml containing test results. I can see failures notifications in the merge request, but my pipeline does not fail. This particular tool does not return a non-zero exit code if there are test failures. Is that the problem?

Having same issue, did anyone solve it ?

Has anyone found the solution for this? We have the same situation as well as the pipeline not failing when we get a gradle compile error or an ant compile error. This seems like basic functionality of a build pipeline to fail it if there are compiler errors, but this isn’t happening with a Gitlab runner. Is there something we have to manually do to get it to fail? Certainly there are others with this same issue.

in maven junit fails when you have

You should have something similar for gradle. Then you should see something like this

ERROR: Job failed: command terminated with exit code 1