Is there a way to get the latest GitLab version using API?

Hello, I’m using GitLab in Docker container, everything is fine.
But I have some troubles with automatic updates, so I’m just curious, is there an API to get latest version of GitLab?
So far, I can query…, then parse XML, and then made update if updates is available. But, that’s not very convenient.
Would be great, if I can make some request like and get latest stable version available.

Thanks in advance.

Did you try version API?

Maybe I missed the point, but how that can help me?
I need to know if there are updates available, not the current version of the GitLab instance

Sorry. You can just curl the following uri in github gitlab repo to the get tags and parse the first name without suffix “.pre” or “-rc”.

So, when the new release is pulled to Github I can be sure that I can pull this version from Docker Hub?

So far, I use
Where gitlab_info is base64-encoded version of my GitLab instance, and then I can parse reply, which is something like this:
update available
And I can be sure, that newer version is available from Docker Hub.

It’s the source repository for the docker images.
If you want to be absolutely sure, you can try querying the dockerhub repo to get the tag list.
curl -s | sed “s/,/\n/g” | grep name | cut -d ‘"’ -f 4

Huh, thanks mate. I’ll try this.

Sadly, that there is no convenient way to do this, something like Update API.