Update from 6.6.5 to the latest version


I have a gitlab installation version 6.6.5 and I want to upgrade to the latest version. I cannot upgrade the server because it is ubuntu 12.04 so I was thinking of installing the latest version on a docker container.

What are my upgrade option for such a scenario?

thank you


In this thread you will find a similar discussion, just change the version.
If you know how to build a container it is the way I recommend.

For the specific version you are looking for it would be in this link v6.6.5

at the end you can update the container with the latest version you are looking for, you can make a backup with gitlab-rake and take it to your installation


thanks for the info.

I didn’t know that you could jump straight from this version to the latest one.

I have done what is mentioned in that thread before but with minor version upgrades but didn’t know that you can have such a jump leap from 6.6.5 to the latest

thanks again