Is there any configuration file for Gitlab runner in docker mode?

Is there any configuration file for Gitlab runner When we register a Gitlab runner for docker?

If yes, where is its location?


config file is /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml on the host where GitLab Runner is installed.
Here are the docs.

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Thank you for the answer.
I am so new and I didn’t understand exactly.
Could you guide me on how can I get/download that file?
If I want to add some configuration, how can I do that?
Thanks in advance

Your gitlab runner is most likely installed on some Linux server. You need to login/SSH to that server and the config file is in the location above.

If you are using SaaS and the shared runners you don’t get access to config.

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I am using the shared runner…
So If I understand correctly, I’m not able to config that. yes?
So I need to config the GitLab runner to solving the “too many requests” error in the pipeline.
What can I do?
THIS is my other topic related to that error.
As you noticed, I’m really confused… so I need your help and I’ll be grateful in advance.