Is there any way to create user accounts WITHOUT emails?

Is there any way to create user accounts WITHOUT emails ?

Hi, no there isn’t. As you can see in the admin interface, the name/username/email fields are required.

Is this to create testing users in place of real ones? It is possible to fake the email address as long as it is unique for your instance of GitLab. When I need to create testing users (so I can see what that user/role has access to) I like to use a variation of my own email address that will be delivered to my email address.

I use Gmail, and this is a common trick for Gmail users. I append some form of name onto my regular Gmail email address preceded by a plus sign. For example, if my email address were, my test user might be I spend a fair amount of time stubbing our workflows for CI/CD and this lets me quickly put together a small team of representative users I can log in as to test the workflows.

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I think this works

  1. Create the user as normal, but set the email address to obviously no mail can be sent. The email address will need to be unique for each account.
  2. In admin users, select the user after it has been created and change the password manualy, and give that to the designated user. This assumes you have an admin account.
  3. The user should then be able to log in, but will be asked to change the password on first login.
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