Issue Board Super Simple Question

Problem to solve

So, I want to do the most simple thing I can imagine, but I can’t quite figure it out.

I want to have iterations for my team, to express “sprint”; so I set up an iteration cadence.

I want to have an issue board for the current sprint, so I set up an issue board with the current sprint.

Inside the issue board, I want to have the following lanes: “Available” “Blocked” “In Progress” “Dev Complete” “Closed”

I can define these columns by label, except for the “Closed” column, which I can use the closed column.

However, IF I define every column by label, then when I pull a new item into the iteration… it doesn’t show up, because it doesn’t have the swim lane label!

But if I use the “Open” column, it includes all the issues with all the labels.

What I really want to do is either exclude from the “Open” column all issues with one of the swim lane labels, OR define a swim lane by the absence, rather than presence of labels, OR trigger the assignment of a label when pulling an issue into an iteration.

I cannot figure out how to accomplish any of these mechanics. I’ve looked through a lot of docs and stackoverflow threads, and because I don’t even see this quite obvious need addressed, I think I must be COMPLETELY missing the obvious here. Help a stupid person, please!