Creating issues in specific lane via GitLab API

Problem to solve

Hi, I am using the GitLab REST API to create issues for a project. By default, these issues are automatically placed in the “Open” lane. However, I would like to know how I can create issues in a different lane. Alternatively, if it’s possible to move the issue to another lane after creation using a second API call, that would also work for me.

I attempted to use the name of the desired lane as a label when creating the issue. While this approach successfully adds a label to the issue, the label does not correspond to the lane label I intended, and the issue remains in the “Open” lane.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you and best regards.

Steps to reproduce

Create issue via GitLab API with lane name as label.


Please select whether options apply, and add the version information.


Is there no solution for this?

Perhaps you can explain it better? I don’t really understand by what you mean “open lane” - what is that? Issue status? I see only options for open or close. There aren’t any other issue statuses as far as I see if you are referring to that.

I would suggest checking Issues API in the meantime since it’s not really clear what you are trying to achieve and most likely why nobody has replied: Issues API | GitLab

The board I’m working on looks like this:

When an issue is created via the GitLab API, it appears in the “Open” column. However, I need to either create it in or move it to the top of “Product Backlog Refinement” column. I tried using the column name as label, but this just adds a label to the issue without changing the column.

Issue Boards. So in the GUI if I have an existing issue, and then I assign the label attributed to the Product Backing Refinement list, then my issue appears in this.

So most likely you need to use the Edit Issue API: Issues API | GitLab and use that to assign the correct label that refers to the Product Backing Refinement list on the issues board. This can also be done at creation of the issue as well.

Are you 100% sure you are using the correct label that is connected to the Product Backing Refinement list? Because, when I do it, it works as intended.

That’s basically exactly what I do. Perhaps my problem is that the columns (and therefore the associated labels) are defined at group level. However, the label that I add via the API is then a new label at project level.

How can I specify in the request of the Issue API to use the existing label from group level instead of creating a new label at project level?