Search issues with GitLab CE

Hello all,

We’ve recently migrated from Bitbucket and Jira to self-hosted GitLab CE 16.0.4. We are having a strange issue with the search feature that has me stumped at the moment. We are using an external Postgres instance, but all of the other features are installed on the self-hosted instance. It appears that whatever is handling the indexing for search results isn’t running properly. For example, the naming for one of our imported Jira projects has the name MOON. There are a couple of hundred issues that came over with MOON in the title, and you can see them if you look at all issues. But if you search on MOON across any group or any project, only a handful of results are returned.

Since this is CE, it isn’t using Elasticache, so I’m assuming that it is querying the DB directly on searches? I’m at a loss at the moment on what to check, any info or tips would be much appreciated.

Finally figured it out. Apparently there is an issue with importing Jira issues that skips the full text indexing. Here is a link to the bug report:

To resolve it, I had to go into the rails console and run

Where xxx is the id for each issue from the issues table in Postgres.