Issue for policy backup a project/repository

I’m new in Gitlab’s world.

I installed on a computer in Gitlab Centos 7.0

I created two user accounts to manage 2 projects.
I would like to set up a backup of each of the 2 projects. To be clear , I want to make a backup of a project by day and the other 2 times a day.
In addition, I would like to archive at a time T a project to have a " snapshot " of the project and can restore it later after unsatisfactory changes.
According to the documentation available on the website can only do a backup “global” … and restore on another computer .

With Gitlab CE, my expectations are not met , or I have not found the right information.
Is the EE Version allows ??

Thank you in advance for your answers because I’m stuck in my projects .


I’m unsure whether you mean a backup of just the git repository associated with each project or whether you mean to backup all of the issues, merge requests, etc.

Either way, both of these challenges can be accomplished using the API.

If you are wanting to backup only the git repository on a periodic basis, then this is possible via the repositories endpoint of the API. You could set up a cron job or task that periodically downloads the archive of the repository.

If you also want to gather further data for backup, you can make use of the merge_requests and issues endpoints, amongst others.