Issue sorting on boards

Hi, everybody,

the problem with the issue board is that new issues are always added to the bottom of the board, so it’s easy to lose track of them. can you change this? i’d like to have the latest issues at the top

Thanks in advance

Hey @holzfelix, unfortunately, there isn’t a way to set a default sort order for issue boards. The only way to change the order at the moment is to manually drag issues throughout the list. Since that’s not ideal it looks like we have an open feature proposal issue that suggests the implementation of a user selectable sort order.

Please feel free to give that issue a thumbs up so that you’re notified of any updates and/or leave comments there if you’d like to contribute to the discussion.


Hi thanks for your feedback, yes a sorting would be great. We have built a function over paper that creates new issues … these will land in the right lane but somewhere in this lane … you have no overview …

IIRC there’s another issue too, which discusses the need to remember the user selection.