API returning different issue order than web ui

I’m trying to list issues in the same order as I see them in the web ui.

Case 1:
web browser url: https://gitlab.com/foo/bar/-/issues
Sort order: Manual

Case 2:
web browser url: https://gitlab.com/foo/bar/-/issues
Human: Selects Manual from sort order
browser console url: https://gitlab.com/foo/bar/-/issues?sort=relative_position

Case 3:
Javascript requests url: https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/foo%2Fbar/issues?scope=all&per_page=100&order_by=relative_position&private_token=nope

I would expect all the issues to be in the same order. However, when I request via javascript I’m getting a slightly different order. The second issue in my list in case 1, and case 2 is the 42nd issue in my list via javascript.

As far as I can tell via documentation, there is no way for me to see the relative_position stored on an issue? https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/api/issues.html#list-project-issues

How the heck can I debug this further?

Paid customer. Should I open a support ticket?

worth noting, when I try changing case 3 to:


I get an error:
{“error”:“sort does not have a valid value”}

Repositories with three issues you can test against:

  1. jjshoe/test1
  2. jjshoe/test2


  1. has never had the order changed, I’ve only created three issues
  2. the order was changed by manually dragging them

working url:


weird that the sort is different between the API and the web. Also weird the state is different. Also note the default for state isn’t specified in the docs.