Issue with connected account (twitter)

  • I already had an account on Gitlab (say A/c-M) based on my email id.

  • This account was not connected with twitter.

  • And one day, i logged in to Gitlab using twitter id - also based on that email, but whose username is different (owing to character limit of Twitter).

  • I guessed that it would log me into A/c-M, but it didn’t. Rather, the process created a new account (say A/c-T). I guess the reason is that email was not fetched from twitter.

  • So, now I have 2 accounts which is completely unintended. I want to be able to log in A/c-M using twitter (i.e. connect twitter with A/c-M or merge A/c-T with A/c-M).

  • But now, on trying to link the A/c-M with twitter, it says Authentication failed: Extern uid has already been taken and on attempting to link A/c-T with email, it says Email has already been taken .

What can be done??