Issue with subdomains / domains after installation

I just installed Gitlab following the official guide for Ubuntu 16.
Gitlab seems to be working fine but now every single subdomain and domain linked to the server’s IP redirects to the gitlab login page.

I am using Apache 2.4

I have seen many people having this issue but I can’t find a solution…

I am having the same problem, and can’t seem to find a solution anywhere either. Hopefully someone here can help.

@mardz - update: I fixed it!! Settings that I changed to allow it to work with apache were commented out (duh - so much for paying attention to what I’m doing). Double-check your .rb file to make sure the apache-specific settings aren’t commented. Now it’s throwing a 503 error, but progress!

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@amandareilly Thanks for the update I will try that! Good luck with that 503 error