Issues are not getting created, though there is not error

It was working since last week, Now the issues are not getting created as we are using the script to generate the issue number, can you please suggest is there any way we can correct this issue number = issueout.txt | sed ‘s/{“id”:([0-9][0-9] #),“iid”:([0-9][0-9] ),.*$/\2/g’)

Let me know is there any change to made to in order to get back to work.

Gitlab runner is set up on docker envrionment.

Here are the detailed logs for your reference:
t/git/api/v4/projects/8677/issues?title=Prod%20Deployment:%20%20${CI_PROJECT_NAME}%20${CI_COMMIT_TAG}&labels={ACTION_STAGING},{CI_PROJECT_NAME},{CI_COMMIT_TAG}&description= **View%20Name** :[%8.16](/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/milestones/20){CI_PROJECT_NAME}
View%20Version :%8.16{CI_COMMIT_TAG} **Package%20Type** :[%8.16](/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/milestones/20){PACKAGE_TYPE}
Action :%8.16${ACTION_STAGING}


Source%20Pipeline :%8.16${CI_PIPELINE_URL}

Release%20Pipeline :%20http:// << URL of the pipeline project >> /production-deployment-mv-pipeline/pipelines/PIPELINENBR" > issueoutput.txt [25] % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current [26]Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed [27] 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 0 [28] export ISSUENBR=(cat issueoutput.txt | sed 's/{"id":([0-9][0-9] *),"iid":([0-9][0-9]* ),.*/\2/g’) [29]$ echo "Created release deployment pipeline: $PIPELINENBR at http://<< URL of the pipeline project /production-deployment-mv-pipeline/pipelines/PIPELINENBR" [30]Created release deployment pipeline: 388521 at http:// << URL of the pipeline project >> /production-deployment-mv-pipeline/pipelines/388521 [31] echo “Created release request : $ISSUENBR at http:// << URL of the pipeline project >> m/production-deployment-mv-pipeline/issues/$ISSUENBR” [32]Created release request : at << URL of the pipeline project >> /production-deployment-mv-pipeline/issues/ [34]Job succeeded