Jira integration causing 500 errors after upgrading to 15.11.3

After upgrading our on-premise GitLab from 15.10.3 to 15.11.3 a number of pages such as pipeline build and commit details started returning 500 errors.
The following error is logged upon the 500 error:

NoMethodError (undefined method `jira_issue_regex' for #<Integrations::JiraTrackerData id: 476, created_at: "2023-03-13 09:59:53.760942000 +1300", updated_at: "2023-03-13 09:59:53.760942000 +1300", encrypted_url: "R3ybHCoi43PtH/VSDW51KSyCfXoB6enQAkefO9bLlaTSPG/B2e...", encrypted_url_iv: "AeVECOKSVXoBhbir\n", encrypted_api_url: "", encrypted_api_url_iv: nil, encrypted_username: "hUwMSWGYePfkgOJPGEVEdK4arQ/tGMVb3mZMd6IcaJYg\n", encrypted_username_iv: "xGNTDWLru4O/ewVy\n", encrypted_password: [FILTERED], encrypted_password_iv: [FILTERED], jira_issue_transition_id: "5", project_key: nil, issues_enabled: false, deployment_type: "cloud", vulnerabilities_issuetype: nil, vulnerabilities_enabled: false, jira_issue_transition_automatic: false, integration_id: 2705, url: nil, api_url: nil, username: nil, password: nil>
Did you mean?  jira_issue_transition_id)

Is there a way to disable the Jira integration other than the Admin > Settings > Integrations page in the Web UI? (that page returns a 500 error too)


Fixed by running:

sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure

…about three times.