JIRA integration is great, more please

We’re using Community Edition and have just started enjoying the new availability of ‘advanced’ JIRA integration.

The integration is some of what I’d seen in JIRA/FishEye integration in the past and hoped for a little more.

The feature is currently:

  1. Add a comment to any issue mentioned in the commit message of a commit pushed to a protected branch.
  2. Add the text “[USERNAME] mentioned this issue in [a commit of GROUP/PROJECT].” where the bracketted elements are links into GitLab.

I’d like to see:

  1. An option to have commits to non-protected branches too…
  2. Content including the ref-name the commit was pushed to, a visible hash, a quoted block containing the commit message, and even maybe the Top-N elements of a stat of the commit (formatted as a table in JIRA markup?).

It would be great if the comment could be made terse (omit comment, stat info) on subsequent pushes to subsequent refs but I expect this is harder to ascertain efficiently.

Getting the commit into the comment stream even on non-protected branches gets it in the right place in the time-line. Exposing the ref informs the viewer a little about the stage in the team-workflow (pre-review, delivered to accepted, in a release-branch etc) and captures what is possibly ephemeral information. Capturing more content in the comment insulates the issue-tracker from changes in infrastructure (such as moving servers breaking URLs).

I thought I’d trawl for feedback before looking into filing an enhancement request.

Where in the code-base is the JIRA integration (I might take a poke around, though I’m not a Ruby dev)?