Job Bagdes in README

Hello, I’m trying to include build status badges but for the jobs and not pipelines only. I tried a lot but couldn’t find a solution for that. How can I add build status badges for JOBS?

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I don’t know what you have tried already, but as an admin of your gitlab instance you can add your own badges via the setting page:
There is a documentation for that:
or the use via the API:

The setting page even shows how to set it up in a markdown ( file:

Replace with your own gitlab url and PROJECT with your project name (or navigate to the CI/CD settings as admin user).


thanks for the reply. I was able to add badges but they are not dynamic. That means after creating my own badge using ( for example, I added it in “Badge image URL” and when clicking on it it will redirect me to the “Link” I provided without showing the status of the build.

How can I have a dynamic badge like but for jobs?
To make it clearer, I have a pipeline with several jobs e.g. job1, job2
I want a dynamic badge for the progress or build status of job1 and job2 separately …

Moreover, when using the test coverage, it is showing “coverage unknown”. Should I add a code in .yml file for it to work?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Have you tried:

Seems like it could be working.

yeah I saw this before …
I thought there might be a direct and simple way of doing that