Pipeline badges for substeps in the CI pipeline

Dear all,

is it possible to show a badge (failed/success) for individual substeps of the CI pipeline?
I have many tests (e.g., compile with different settings) and would like to have the outcome of each of these tests being shown as badges on my entry page.

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@mmoelle1 by the individual substeps do you mean the jobs themselves or the tests within each stage of the pipeline?

I was thinking abut the jobs themselves. In my setup, each job is responsible for running the make, make test with a particular compiler version and compile configuration. Btw, is it possible to preserve the result from running make (job in build stage) and let a second job (in the testing stage) continue with this data?

Okay I see what you’re saying. Looks like the badges are available for the jobs but not the substeps themselves.However, there is some interesting discussion going on with this issue:

I’m curious to see if the feature proposal or elements of the discussion matches what you are going for.

Regarding the second question, you want the testing stage to use data from build? I believe this would be a supported use case based on the CI/CD documentation. Maybe you can share your .gitlab-ci.yml and we can try some things out?