Job succeeded but not pass and keep running forever

I have a runner on cloud when I run the job it return Job succeeded, but it never stop keep running until I click cancel.
However when I run it in local network it can show passed and stop the job.
I am wondering is there anything I am missing? like some port I need to open to return and stop the job.

I have already open port 22 for the runner side.

this show in debug mode

←[37;1mDialing: tcp ...             ←[0;m
←[0;33mWARNING: Submitting job to coordinator... failed  ←[0;m  ←[0;33mcode←[0;m
=-1 ←[0;33mjob←[0;m=1918 ←[0;33mjob-status←[0;m= ←[0;33mrunner←[0;m=WGDbR8s- ←[0
;33mstatus←[0;m=couldn't execute PUT against
s/1918: Put read tcp
-> wsarecv: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the r
emote host.

Thank you

case close, it’s the firewall blocked

hi @hanscwc , i get the same problem , but my firewall was closed , how did you solve it