Jupyter notebook diffs

I’ve been using GitLab to host internal projects at my university. About 4 years ago I setup GitLab, not sure the specific version, though I have kept updating the installation every month or two along the way. Currently on 16.5.2.

I have been working with python and Jupyter for several years, but due to how GitLab and git show notebook differences, I have been using Jupytext to automatically convert notebooks to markdown (or .py file format) before adding to a git repo for better diffing and preview.

I came across this information recently:

Based on the above link, GitLab newer than 15.6 should have a feature to render better diffs for notebook changes. I actually have 16.5, but am still seeing this when trying to view notebook diffs:

This source diff could not be displayed because it is too large. You can view the blob instead.

Perhaps it worked for a while but now does not due to change in Jupyter?

Anyone know if this is an Enterprise feature, rather than something available in the Community version?

If it is available for all, is there some hidden flag to enable it?