Kubernetes integration - Connect to helm


I’m using the Kubernetes integration and I installed the Helm tiller.
I went to GKE and I got access to the cluster using kubectl, but I’d like to use the tiller on my dev machine to install some charts that are not displayed in the integration page, but I don’t know how to make helm cli work with the tiller installed by GitLab.

How can I use helm locally with the tiller managed by GitLab?


I am also wondering this same.

The following thread helped me a bit, but i can’t see any deployments outside the gitlab-managed-apps namespace.
May you have more luck.

By now i figured out, that you need to start a new tiller in the specific namespace you are trying to access.

First start a tiller in your desired namespace:

export TILLER_NAMESPACE=<yournamespace>
tiller listen localhost:44134 -alsologtostderr

In another terminal on the same machine you can now connect to the tiller using helm.

export TILLER_NAMESPACE=<yournamespace>
export HELM_TLS_ENABLE=false
helm ls