Kubernetes Prometheus bug uninstalling


I’m using kubernetes cluster together with gitlab. About half year ago, we had issues with our cluster (disk space issues) and we had to set up most of the things again. Because that work we did, somehow Prometheus was removed from cluster, but in gitlab it is shown as installed. If I try to uninstall it, new pod is created in k8s, but it fails to delete with this error:

  • helm delete --purge prometheus
    [storage] 2020/10/16 11:16:36 getting release history for “prometheus”
    [tiller] 2020/10/16 11:16:36 uninstall: Release not loaded: prometheus
    Error: release: “prometheus” not found

And error massage appears in gitlab:
Something went wrong while uninstalling Prometheus

  • Operation failed. Check pod logs for uninstall-prometheus for more details.

Maybe someone has an Idea how to fix this?