Last sub-minor release of 13.12.x?

Are there any more sub minor releases coming for 13.12.x?
13.12.7 was released yesterday.
Usually, with GitLab, after the new major release is “released”, the updates stop for the previous major release.
I’d rather not upgrade to version 14 until the last update to 13.12.x is finished and settled on.

If they do, they will most likely be for bug fixes, security fixes etc. That doesn’t stop you upgrading to 14.x though since those updates are irrelevant for the upgrade process. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have released 14.x yet.


the current release maintenance is documented at GitLab release and maintenance policy | GitLab

Regarding your question on 13.12, the section about backporting to older releases is important to note. 13.12.7 contains a fix for upgrade checks, and will help with the migration to 14.x.


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For info, I upgrade from 13.12.5 and all working great, since this was the latest 13.12.Z version when 14.0.x was released. So as long as at least 13.12.5 it is fine, or as @dnsmichi says even better with 13.12.7 with the fixes.

This will generally be why the upgrade path in the upgrade docs say 13.12.Z so that you use the absolute latest 13.12.x version when upgrading. At the time I ran mine it was 13.12.5, but obviously had I waited, then I would have been on 13.12.7 before going to the 14.0.x release.

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Thank you all for your replies to this post.

I think I will wait until at least the end of the month, maybe longer, until upgrading to 14.x.

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@frsasse Take your time. Do it when you feel comfortable. Just bear in mind, the amount of upgrades to go through later if you leave it too long.

For example, I had an issue where I got stuck on 12.9.x because the repo didn’t refresh, and then I went through installing every single version between 12.9.x and 13.3.x - somewhere between 50 - 70 upgrades.

Now I upgrade to the latest and keep on top of it, even if it means upgrading when a release is made each week - purely to save not having to go through what I did before, as it took me two days.

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I’ve not had a terrible time having to do sub-minor releases in GitLab since version 8, using the gitlab community edition omnibus package.

The main rule I’ve observed, is to always install the very last version of a major release, before upgrading to the next major release, the updates being cumulative.

There’s been some times, when the installer tells me I need to upgrade to a certain minor release, before allowing me to upgrade to another minor release, than the version I tried to install.

Other times, something else may need to be done, such as a postgresql database upgrade, before the gitlab upgrade succeeds.

Gitlab has had good error messages if the upgrade fails, in my experience.

But I’ve never had to do lots of sub-minor release upgrades if I’ve fell behind in keeping gitlab up to date, sorry that was your case.

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By doing all point releases, you minimise the amount of downtime, so whilst it took a while it was worth it for stability.

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Good point. I’m not concerned about downtime to get the upgrades done, but some people have to be.

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