Upgrade path from 13.0.14 to 13.3.5

I’ve recently upgrade from 12.10.14 to 13.0.14 by going through every single release from 13.0.0 up to 13.0.14 which was 13 upgrade in total. I expect there is probably a better way. From the below link, it’s not clear how to work out which ones to install:


I’m assuming that as 13.0.14 was released 23 days ago, then would it be correct to assume to use 13.1.7 or 13.1.8 which was released 23 days ago, or 13.2.5 or 13.2.6 as these were also released 23 days ago?

I’m quite happy to go through all releases, but to go from 13.1.0 incrementing, I would be doing 28 upgrades for each point release. Although if I can save myself time, by choosing an appropriate version, it would be even better. And if so, do I need to go to 13.1.x before 13.2.x or 13.3.x?

My interpretation of the linked doc is that you can jump from 12.10.14 to whatever the most recent 12.. version is, then to 13.0.*, whatever the last point release under 13.0 is, an then jump to 13.3.5.

In the end I just applied all updates from 13.1.0 to the latest 13.1.x release, 13.2.x every release, and 13.3.x every release. I did notice also migrations being done for 13.1.0 and 13.2.0, maybe even 13.3.0 as well - not sure if they are the same. Maybe I could have done it quicker, but I prefer to be safe than sorry if something goes wrong when taking a risk of what version’s to skip and not skip.