Launch LabVIEW from GitLab CI/CD

I’m trying the automate the building of some artifacts in LabVIEW (exe’s, lib’s, ppl’s, etc.) using GitLab CI/CD which executes a Batch file script for the build process (attached below). The problem I’m having is that there seems to be some launching issue between the Gitlab Runner and the command line, because upon execution of the script commands to launch LabVIEW the screenshot below is returned (“LabVIEW terminated unexpectedly!”). Is there a lack of understanding in how this feature/commands work or some general guidance anyone could provide?

I know the script is at least correctly executing because I print out a list of the artifacts that will be built during the batch script execution, which I can view in the pipeline in Git-Lab (removed from the image below for privacy reasons but scratched in a example name at the top). Additionally, I would have expected this to have been displayed in the runner PC command line as it does when running the .bat on a normal PC.

Environment: Win 10 & LV 2018

Has been resolved (runner wasn’t correctly launching).