LDAP authentication for gitlab

Hi team,
Is it possible to use LDAP authentication in free edition ?
LDAP would be WIndows AD.
Currently we are evaluating the gitlab for commercial use.
Any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance.

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Yes it is, see gitlab docs General LDAP setup | GitLab

thanks iwalker.
Is it possible to integrate Azure AD with free gitlab account which is directly created on gitlab.com ? scenario here is the ,we have not deployed any git lab server on on premises or on cloud.
Need help to integrate the same.

thanks ,
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As per the Gitlab docs, self-managed means your own server - not available on gitlab.com. In the docs if you hover over self-managed it tells you this.

thanks iwalker …so we have to setup on prem git server & then have to integrate Azure AD or LDAP as per requirement.

thanks !!