Letsencrypt file name bug in version 12.6.4

After upgrading to 12.6.4 today the auto-generated ssl cert files in /etc/gitlab/ssl all have the wrong file name.
the cert files are name with the internal server FQDN instead of the external_url parameter.

As they have the wrong file name, nginx wont start due to the error:
cannot load certificate "/etc/gitlab/ssl/.crt

The cert is valid for the external_url so once we rename the files in /etc/gitlab/ssl/ to the correct file name nginx starts and all works as expected.

Until 90 days later the cert will expire.

Hi, does anyone else have this problem with the auto-generated cert file names being different to what nginx expects in gitlab 12.6.4 on ubuntu?

If the cert names had the file name as per the external_url parameter it would work perfect but the file names are as per the Azure VM internal FQDN instance name

Thank you!