Link gitlab and jira

So we wanted to integrate jira with gitlab.
Our’s is a self hosted gitlb instance {gitlab.*******.in)

The problem is that we can proceed with the integration only if the url has .com domain{gitlab.********.com}

so we can purchase the domain.
The problem is i am not sure if we change the present url with the new url in the gitlab configuration file.

what happens to the repositories in hosted in the old url??
will they be there or get deleted??

Hi, according to this issue: Add note about cross site cookies browser limitation to Jira App page (!44898) · Merge requests · / GitLab · GitLab

Just enable cross-site cookies in Firefox/Chrome or whatever browser you are using, and then integrate with Jira. I expect then you won’t need to purchase a .com address - I think that statement/error message is a little misleading. I don’t believe that Gitlab would limit it’s usage to .com domains. And anyway, even with a .com you are still going to have an issue with cross-site cookies since the domain of your gitlab doesn’t match the Jira one.

As for the name change, yes you can do it, I have restored my Gitlab-CE to a different server with a totally different hostname and domain name, the repositories and everything else will be accessible. You can always check and test this yourself if you wish to double-check everything.

Hi, so, i enabled the cross site cookies and tried to integrate jira.
So, the thing is when i try to select a source code management tool as gitlab.
I only get for gira.
i have also see several youtube videoes and blogs for reference and all of them were using only.

Also, when i give sign in to gitlab it redirects me straight to the page only.
It doesnt ask me anything.

Maybe it’s a problem only with Jira Cloud in that they don’t allow you to use it for private installations. Maybe you would need to be using Jira installed on your own server to be able to integrate with your own Gitlab installation.

You would have to ask Jira about that though since it seems to be their restriction, not Gitlab’s.