List groups: min_access_level= 0 throws 400 error

When using 0 as min_access_level while retrieving groups, we get 400 error from the endpoint and the following response.

    "error": "min_access_level does not have a valid value"

Although the documentation says that that’s a valid access level value/
Also wanted to how this level would work when we share a project with group, adding a member to a group or project etc.
Is it just for internal use? or is it an level with read only permissions.
We are observing this on

Docs: Group and project members API | GitLab

Is anyone facing similar issue, know any solution?

The zero value (NO_ACCESS) is not a valid role access level, it is a special one reserved for yet-unassigned-a-role states. The lowest usable level in context of groups is the guest one, with value 10.

Could you explain further what you are attempting to lookup/perform, and why the no-access level matters towards it?

@hchouraria , Is it not possible to filter the group with min_access_level as 0?

No, that level is effectively “no-access”, meaning the user isn’t a regular member of the group at all, and the filtering only considers valid membership.

Could you describe what you are looking to achieve through the APIs?