New Group: Getting 500 Internal server error when creating a group with shared_runners_setting

When using 0 as min_access_level while retrieving groups, we get 400 error from the endpoint and the following response.

    "error": "min_access_level does not have a valid value"

Although the documentation says that that’s a valid access level value/ Also wanted to how this level would work when we share a project with group, adding a member to a group or project etc. Is it just for internal use? or is it an level with read only permissions. Docs: Group and project members API | GitLab

We are seeing this error on

Is anyone facing similar issue, know any solution?

The description here is the same as List groups: min_access_level= 0 throws 400 error

However, the screenshot of the error differs. Could you share more details, including any server error logs captured for the failed response (500) via sudo gitlab-ctl tail?

Hi @hchouraria , Sorry about that, posted the wrong description for the it.
I had posted it on gitlab issues as well, there the details are proper.

We also have received response on the above issue, closing this.

Sorry for the confusion and thank you.