Locked out of account, reconfirm email never sent

Hi everyone,

I am in a rather peculiar situation. I have my account linked to my gmail (or github, I’m not sure and need to be honest here). However I cannot login: trying to log in using github gives me a message saying I need to reconfirm my email address, but the confirmation email never arrives – yes I have checked spam folder, and no, it’s not there.

Trying to login using google authentication ends in an error showind that dismantled google robot.

When I log in to the support page it shows a dialog saying that they need my password to “link my account”, but… what password? I mean, I set up my account via sso… I don’t recall ever having set up a password…

Anyways, any help is appreciated

Only gitlab staff can help. We as community members in this forum cannot do anything. There have been many posts about this already.