Cannot login with GitHub account


I have already confirmed email, but when I’m trying sign in with GitHub account I get an error message
“You have to confirm your email address before continuing. Please check your email for the link we sent you, or click ‘Resend confirmation email’.”

After clicking ‘Resend confirmation email’ link I get an error:
“Could not authenticate you from GitHub because ‘Csrf detected’.”

Could you help me?


Same here, Could someone help us?

Same. (I guess this started when GitHub was down earlier today)
When I try to login with GitHub, the webpage seems to hang for ages with the address bar showing
I thin end up with the address bar showing and the webpage showing there was a 500 error The web server reported a bad gateway error.

I’ve also tried doing a password reset, but I cant seem to login with the new password I’ve set.

Is anyone able to help resolve this, or has anyone found a way to get logged in?

I get the same error when I try to login via Google.
Gitlab asks to confirm email (again) and then I get message “Could not authenticate you from GitHub because ‘Csrf detected’.”

I’m getting the same issue. I confirmed my email address, and the first time I login I get an “incorrect password” message, then the second time I it takes me to a 404 page.

Hi Everyone! I am sorry to hear about all this trouble with logging in. Please be sure to check out @clevelandbledsoe’s solution here - it has helped others today with similar problems.

Thanks for your patience! Let me know what else you need!

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It turned out that I had two email addresses assigned to my account and honestly I have forgotten about it (and could not check it due to log in issue). But when I tried resending the confirmation email to my second email I immediately could sign in via github even before confirming email.

It seemed strange to me, but I regained access to my account.
Sorry for the confusion.

PS: Maybe you guys have a similar issue :slight_smile:

I can’t resend email confirmation im allways using login via Gmail and get error: "Could not authenticate you from GoogleOauth2 because “Csrf detected”.

WTF ? o.0

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Same problem here - this is so *** up my work -.-

I want to be sure we get this sorted out ASAP! @modwebpl. Can you please confirm for me whether you were able to try the solution provided here?

If so, and things are still locking you out, I will connect you with a Support experts straightaway!

Nope, it still doesn’t work for me :face_vomiting:
I don’t know what’s is going on ;/ <-- I still recived “CSRF detected” -.-

Q: What happens if I don’t re-verify my email address?

You will not be able to log into your account until you have re-verified your email address. You can do that here:

This “solution” doesn’t work for me…

I too have the same issue as @modwebpl.
When I attempt to send another confirmation email to myself, I get the message “You need to sign in or sign up before continuing.” and never receive a confirmation email.

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Hi @kaizoku @modwebpl,

please go ahead and create a support ticket. Our support team can help investigate the account problem in more depth then. Thanks.


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Same here, need help on this!

Hi @morgan,

please follow my advice below. Thanks :slight_smile:


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Hello there, any solution to this with the support ticket ? @morgan Thanks

For anyone wrestling with this - I found part of the issue was that even though i used SSO with Google/gmail I had at one point had to change my “primary email” to my employer email to join their gitlab org and use MFA.

I still had to enter a support ticket and they then emailed my work email. There were no emails in inbox/spam there from my feeble attempts to click the gitlab “send verification email button” which is puzzling.

Also this might be something to keep in mind should you change jobs as your account might be FUBAR’d if you can access the old employer email?

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@treyperrone - thank you so much for sharing your personal experience and solution around this. I am sure it will help others experiencing the same thing. Thanks! :blush: