Long docker image downloads

Downloading docker image in a job takes ages

  • When a job starts on Gitlab.com (on a Gitlab shared runner) and it tries to download the docker image (edbizarro/gitlab-ci-pipeline-php in this case) it takes several minutes (my last job took 43mins where it usually takes around 1min).

This is the log I get while waiting for the download:


This was working fine yesterday with no change to my Gitlab config or the .gitlab-ci.yml

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This time, the execution has timed out:

This was fixed automatically. As it came, it went

Again, it is not working. It is an interminten problem, apparently

Same here. Retried twice since an hour or so. Yet the status page still doesn’t report anything…

I am also experiencing this issue.

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It’s on the status page now, with an issue created: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/gl-infra/production/-/issues/2357

i have a same issue