Looking to CI/CD to push from one repository to another

Let me first describe my problem:

First some context, we are a small development shop with less than 15 active Developers and DevOps Engineers. So things can get murky really quick. To add a layer of complexity the vast majority of our developers have only built massive monolithic applications. We are trying to transition into a fully functioning set of micro-services. our first stop was breaking our monolithic application into logical separate units and put those units into a docker image. We are nearing the completion of this phase of our project. Now we are ready to push this group of docker containers into a pre-production environment.

Now onto the problem, our issue is with docker-compose, we want our pipeline to use docker-compose to pull our images and run them from our private registry, eventually we would like to pull those images into a private ACR, ECR or Google’s container registry and then we would deploy as necessary. The problem is our develops also use the docker-compose to install these images locally, which totally messes up my docker-compose file stopping me from deploying into the pre-production environment.

So here is what I want to do. I would like to push my code to another read only repository, with a clean deployment folder (Essentially I would tell the pipeline, not to push the deployment folder that the developers are using). That way my developers can do what they want, and it won’t impede my deployments. Has anyone tried something like this?

I’m using a premium licensed version of 13.8.0-ee if that helps.