Maintainer for Synology Gitlab package?

The Gitlab package for Synology NAS is still at version 11.11 .

Who is the maintainer of that particular package?
An update to 13.2 or at least a 12.x version seems to be in order.

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Hi @MarcusWolschon, welcome to the GitLab Community forum!

Great question!

Synology NAS appears to be using an outdated gitlab-ce:v11.x docker image. The docker image is official, but it appears Synology stopped updating/maintaining their bundled offering of it.
As CE is open-source software, third-parties like Synology are free to offer GitLab as a bundled/packaged offering, but maintenance and updates for third-party offerings is the responsibility of the third-party.

All official and suggested ways to install GitLab can be found here:

If you’re able to directly use Docker to install services on the Synology NAS, I believe you should be able to pull and use any version of GitLab you’d like, including the latest 13.3.
Updated images here:

If running docker natively on your Synology box isn’t an option, I suggest inquiring with someone at Synology to see what it’d take to update the version on their end.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Synology support claims that the Synology-package is made and maintained by “Gitlab Inc.” not by Synology itself.

If look into a docker hub:
We see that it is updated by Synology.

That’s strange.
Because here it says otherwise.