Manually trigger a single job multiple times with different variables

I’ve got a fairly standard pipeline for my product with the following stages :

  • verify
  • build
  • test
  • package
  • deploy
  • notify
  • extra_verify
  • production

I’ve got 2 manual jobs in this pipeline, one in “deploy” and one in “production”, that essentially uploads the packages to our internal server, then synchronises them to our production server. When I manually trigger each of those 2 jobs, I specify the branch on which I want to deploy/synchronise (e.g. “stable”, “beta”, “nightly”) by settings the variable “VERSION_BRANCH” to said branch when I trigger the job.

That all works fine, however, let’s say my beta branch has been thoroughly tested after a week, and now I want to push the packet to stable, without triggering the whole pipeline again, keeping the same binaries. Is there a way to trigger the 2 jobs again manually, but with different argument for the branch?

I’m using Gitlab 14.3.3. If it helps for that problem to upgrade to a more recent version, that’s a possiblity, though if that’s avoidable I’d prefer it.