Many repos have had their last_updated date changed, for no obvious reason

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We have 264 repositories hosted on They are all under a private workspace shared with three accounts. I noticed this morning that many of them (around 80%) were last updated about 4 hours ago (between 26/4/2023 at 15:30 UTC and 16:00) with no obvious reason, no commits, no activity showing when I look in the activity on the repos. Last commit activity on some of the repos mentioned

The three accounts I mentioned are two developers who were both offline at the time (sleeping), and the third is a deployment account. All accounts including the deployment account have strong passwords and 2FA enabled for login.

There is a backup script that runs nightly which scans through the GitLab API to get a list of projects, and then does a “git pull --all” on each project, using a SSH key that is loaded into the deployment account. It seems that the last updated date on the repos appears to match that of when it was last pulled, but I can’t be 100% sure this is the cause. Not all repos have had their last updated date updated.

I am an active daily user on, and use the projects list to spot recent activity so I am quite sure I would have noticed this before.

Any thoughts welcome.



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I just had the same thing for ~60% of my 250 repos for a self hosted instance. I realized just a few hours ago more than half of all projects showed “updated 12 hours ago” and got all whacked out of order but I cannot find any change/log of what changed. Any ideas?

Yeah not sure :confused: Hasn’t happened again as far as I can see.

Same here with the exact effect mentioned already above. Seems to be still and existing and confusing issue.

Please follow the resources in this topic: Weird "updated at" time - #12 Also pinned in General