Markdown clickable image rendering

I’ve tried two ways to render a clickable image in a Markdown file inside a GitLab project:

  1. GitLab documentation
  2. Markdown basic syntax

Neither renders correctly on GitLab. My organization is using GitLab Community Edition 12.10.14. Is this a bug?

What are you seeing instead? Is this in or a different markdown file?
There is an option in the repository to display source or display rendered file.

Is the image in your repository on on the web?

I was mistaken in my original post. Markdown basic syntax does work.

However, the GitLab documented markdown renders the screenshot below. While the image appears, it does not link to Instead it is surrounded by square brackets and followed by a caption that includes

This screenshot is generated from the following Markdown:

[![Semantic description of image](image.png "Hello World")*My caption*][]
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