Can't Make a Reference-Style Link That's Part of a Bulleted List Render in a Markdown File on

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     I’m trying to use a reference-stye link inside a bulleted list that’s part of a Markdown file that’s hosted in a repository at, but I can’t get said link to render; I just get whitespace. I’ve tried a few possible syntax variations — namely ‘[reference-text]: <link-text> "title-attribute-text",’ ‘[reference-text]: link-text "title-attribute-text",’ and ‘[reference-text]: link-text’ without any text for the active Markdown parser to process into what would be the resulting raw HTML link’s ‘title’ attribute — to try and get it to work, but with no success.
     Am I possibly hitting a bug in GitLab? Should I file an issue? Alternatively, am I doing something wrong, and, if so, what? I’m not 100& sure I have the syntax right here. I also saw, but that’s just with respect to GitLab’s documentation style guide, which said issue links to.

Hello there, have you looked into GitLab flavoured markdown docs?

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     Yes, and they still list reference-style links as being available:


There are two ways to create links, inline-style and reference-style:


Using references:

- This is a [reference-style link, see below][Arbitrary case-insensitive reference text]
- You can [use numbers for reference-style link definitions, see below][1]
- Or leave it empty and use the [link text itself][], see below.

Using references:

I notice multiple instances of the following HTML comment in that file’s raw source text, though:

Do not edit the following codeblock. It uses HTML to skip the Vale ReferenceLinks test.

Finally, what additional information do you need? I can provide a link the file that I’m having trouble with, if that helps. (And I’m running the following browser and OS:

  • Safari v11.1.2, build 11605.3.8.1
  • OS X v10.11.6 ‘El Capitan,’ build 15G22010.)

(And, yes, I know this is old, but I can’t update past that major OS version on my current hardware, and I’ve currently frozen my local configuration temporarily while I migrate to another, newer machine.)


I’d love to see the file and its content with your current state of trying this. I don’t think it is related to your client’s OS but more of a problem with Markdown formatting itself.



     Here you go! The offending line is the first one under its ‘References’ section’s ‘Useful Links’ sub-section.

(Edit: P. S.:

     I also have an issue open for this on the repository hosting that file.)


      Have you filed a GitLab core issue for this, or should/shall I? I searched for one, but I couldn’t find that you had.


I am really busy and am reading and answering in bulk when I get the time to. In order to avoid an - imho - unnecessary issue, I am writing this late in the evening :wink:

Here’s a merge request for your project with a fix for the reference style URL:

I figured that explaining is hard, seeing the results and learning from that should be easier :slight_smile: The MR also has some html comment blocks explaining the things going on.