Massive memory consumption since upgrade

I upgraded to 13.6.1 recently. I have always found gitlab a bit of a beast to run on my server for personal git repos with 4GB memory so I spent some time following tutorials for tuning it and I also added a cron to restart it every night as it seems the memory consumption grows over time. That has kept it ticking over, but since the latest update I am having to restart it several times a day.

Somehow I am ending up with 5 or 6 bundle processes and several ruby processes as well as gitaly-runner, gitaly, gitaly-wrapper, gitlab-workhorse, registry and redis.

I dropped puma from 2 threads to 1 but it has had no impact. 4 of the bundle processes are using 1GB each leaving nothing for the rest of the processes.

Any advice on what I can turn off or a modern guide for tuning that I could look at?

This seems to have sorted itself out now and is back to running only 2 bundle processes.