Merge Accounts


I got a GitLab account that was created with my GitHub account and one that was created with my Google account. Is it possible to merge those?

Thanks for your help!

Hey @mbenz, welcome to the community. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to merge one account with another.

Thanks for the warm welcome and the fast reply!

That’s unfortunate. I guess deleting the Google-based account would allow me to at least register the google address as social sign-in to my Github account then?


I’m also in this situation. Is it something the support team can help with, or can I request it be discussed to be added to the roadmap?

@servel333 Support can assist with this in the sense that we’ll advise you that you’ll need to delete one of the accounts, which can be done via your account settings page.

I wasn’t able to find an existing feature proposal issue for merging two accounts (or accounts in general), so if you’d like to see this implemented please feel free to submit one. If you do so, you can send me a link to it and I’ll ensure that it’s labeled properly.

That does not help me. I can not delete either account as I have things on each I want to keep on both. I need to merge the accounts. No other solution is acceptable.

@servel333 I appreciate the context. Please feel free to file a feature proposal issue in that case.