Merge multiple Branches to master

Merge multiple Branches to master

I’m using Gitlab for quite some time now but in most projects I’m the only developer. But when multiple people contribute code, I’m missing how the workflow should be. So far I use master as a stable branch, and I want to have only worked/tested code in master.

So at the moment we’re working with branches, like feature_1, feature_2. Now I understand we can create Merge requests, but that would result in two:

  • Merge request #1 asks to merge feature_1 to master
  • Merge request #2 asks to merge feature_2 to master

But what if both MR are connected to each other, like feature_2 only works if feature_1 is already in the codebase? That would result in a master branch that isn’t working. Is there a way to create a merge request for multiple branches? Or am I missing something?

Are you looking for the merge request dependencies feature described here?: Merge Request dependencies | GitLab